General Sales Conditions



AUTOCLIMA S.p.A. a socio unico's trading is solely between companies (Business-to-Business) and does not serve end users, buying AUTOCLIMA S.p.A. a socio unico's goods for private, personal and/or family use.


Only orders received in written form (telefax, post, e-mail, e-commerce) will be taken into consideration.
Delivery dates are not essential; in any case AUTOCLIMA S.p.A. a socio unico will not be liable for delays due to not imputable reasons, such as suppliers' delays, strikes, deadlines.
AUTOCLIMA S.p.A. a socio unico is authorized to arrange partial shipments, invoicing entirely the delivered goods.
The minimum order value for each order will be 40.00 € + VAT. The minimum order is for the value of goods and not to other ancillary costs (eg transport costs, etc.). Any order values below the minimum order value cannot be processed unless the charge of the difference between the ordered and minimum order value.


Unless otherwise agreed, orders will be settled according to the prices prevailing at the date of issue. List prices are expressed in Euro (€) and are exclusive of VAT and installation and totally replace and cancel the previous ones as well as any other previous related notice.
AUTOCLIMA S.p.A. a socio unico reserves the right to change prices in this price list without prior notice.
Packing is included in the price.


All material is sent freight collect. The goods travel at the risk of the purchaser. Failures, missing parts or damages during transport must be noticed to the carrier.
Claims for received goods not in compliance with orders must be notified in writing within 7 days after the receipt.


Returned merchandise for order cancellation or mistakes in the order will be subject to prior written authorization by AUTOCLIMA S.p.A. a socio unico (Form 119). The material must be sent port paid, together with the above mentioned module and delivery note, specifying "returned for control", fully intact and complete in all its parts. Moreover a 20% reduction on credit, with a minimum of 25.00 Euros, will be applied, in order to cover the costs of management, control and re-stock.

The return will be accepted only if the value of the material exceeds € 150 and no more than one year has passed since the date of sale.

In any case, returns of material without written authorization by AUTOCLIMA S.p.A. a socio unico will not be accepted.


Until full payment, the goods remain of AUTOCLIMA S.p.A. a socio unico property (without prejudice to transfer any relevant risk to the buyer). Any payment delay will automatically stop deliveries and any other service in progress. Without any prejudice to legal actions that AUTOCLIMA S.p.A. a socio unico will deem to pursue, an interest equal to the discount rate published from time to time by the Bank of Italy will be charged, plus a penalty of 2% per month, on the amount of the due value, calculated from the expiration date to the date of actual payment.


Items of the "PARTS CATALOGUE" are warranted for 12 months from the date of sale, proven by the invoiced date.
The validity of the warranty is void when the defect is attributable to improper installation, improper use, lack of maintenance, tampering and for all changes, modifications or actions unauthorized by AUTOCLIMA S.p.A. a socio unico.
Consumables subject to natural wear and tear, such as, belts, filters, etc., are not covered by any warranty.
In addition, no warranty is granted for electrical components.


The warranty of a compressor sold as spare part shall be granted only in the case of recognized "DEFECT OF MANUFACTURE", therefore attributable to the Manufacturer.

Warranty will be considered only if it is provided, along with the same part, documentation of the system cleaning with simultaneous receiver dryer replacement.
Exclusively in the presence of all those supporting documents, the component will be examined.

At this stage, if debris inside the compressor will be found, the warranty will be rejected, and after 10 calendar days from the issue of the technical report, the unit will be scrapped by default.
In the event the Customer wishes to recover the material, a written request to AUTOCLIMA S.p.A. a socio unico has to be sent within the above mentioned period and the same material will be returned freight collect "as is".
The required documentsto allow the warranty control to start are:

  • legible copy of the receipt or invoice, with the description of the done job, system cleaning and receiver dryer replacement included.
  • Return authorization issued by AUTOCLIMA S.p.A. a socio unico, following a request submitted through the appropriate form


In order to prevent the compressor's failure, it is convenient to periodically check the system's operating pressures and functionality of the pressure switches, make sure the condenser is clean and that the electrical system control of electric fans is working.
Refrigerant to be charged adding oil only with the appropriate equipment.
It is recommended to check, at each vehicle service, the belt's tension and the condition of the compressor's brackets.


  1. Remove the defective compressor, trying to find out the defect's root cause. If problems arise, they must be solved before installing the new one.
  2. Wash effectively the system using suitable equipment and solvents, as, in most cases, damages found on the compressors sold as spare parts result from the improper performance or omission of this operation.
  3. Replace the receiver dryer.
  4. Check that the compressor has been filled in with the correct quantity and type of oil. If required by the refrigerant circuit, oil has to be proportionally added in the case of extension to the original A/C system, when there are components such as, dual evaporator, larger condenser, special vehicles with long pipelines, agricultural and earth moving machines with long distances between the compressor and system components and applications other than normal standard vehicle air conditioning.
  5. Some compressor models are supplied without oil, but with the appropriate manufacturer's specifications and instructions inside the box. In order to avoid entering incorrect oil amount and/or improper oil to damage the compressor, especially in low refrigeration circuits, follow carefully those directions.
  6. Optional. Before installing the new compressor, remove on the bench the plugs from the suction / discharge ports, paying attention to possible leakages of oil and turn the clutch by hand for a few laps, in order to allow an initial lubrication.
  7. Check the polarity of the coil and keep it always complying: in some compressors, exchange of polarities may destroy the magnet.
  8. Carefully check the belt's alignment and the bolts' tightness.
  9. Charge the system with the correct amount of refrigerant and verify the operating pressures are correct.

For further details, refer to the "International Warranty Procedure".

Any dispute will be competence of the Court of Torino (Italy)